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D1 dopamine receptors mediate neuroleptic-induced Fos expression in the islands of Calleja.

Systemic injections of the selective, full, D1 agonists A-77636 and SKF-82958 induced pronounced Fos-like immunoreactivity in the islands of Calleja in the olfactory tubercle of intact rats. Fos expression in this region could also be induced by injections of the D2-like dopamine antagonist raclopride (0.5 mg/kg). Pretreatment with the selective D1 dopamine antagonist SCH-23390 (0.2 mg/kg) completely abolished this response, but was without significant effect on raclopride-induced Fos expression in the dorsolateral region of the striatum. SCH-23390 was also able to prevent the atypical neuroleptic clozapine (30 mg/kg) from inducing Fos expression in the islands of Calleja. These findings demonstrate that stimulation of D1 dopamine receptors plays an essential role in neuroleptic induction of Fos-like immunoreactivity in the islands of Calleja, but not in the dorsal striatum, and thus suggest that different mechanisms underlie neuroleptic stimulation of immediate early gene expression in these two structures.[1]


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