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Islands of Calleja

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Biological context of Islands of Calleja


Anatomical context of Islands of Calleja


Associations of Islands of Calleja with chemical compounds

  • Specifically, like clozapine and nemonapride, YM-43611 significantly increased the number of immunoreactive cells in the nucleus accumbens shell and islands of Calleja [13].
  • Haloperidol decreased D3 receptor expression in limbic areas, with the exception of the islands of Calleja where an increase occurred [14].
  • [3H]Quinpirole binding was decreased in the presence of guanine nucleotides in most brain regions except in the islands of Calleja and the molecular layer of cerebellar lobules 9 and 10 [15].
  • Autoradiographic studies were performed in the presence and absence of 10 microM Gpp(NH)p. Binding in D2 containing regions, such as the caudate-putamen, was completely inhibited by guanylyl-imidodiphosphate although binding in D3 containing areas, such as the islands of Calleja, was unaffected [16].
  • Sulpiride and clozapine increased D3 receptor expression in limbic and striatal regions but decreased D3 receptor expression in the islands of Calleja [14].

Gene context of Islands of Calleja


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Islands of Calleja


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