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G protein-coupled receptors: functional and mechanistic insights through altered gene expression.

G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) comprise a large and diverse family of molecules that play essential roles in signal transduction. In addition to a constantly expanding pharmacological repertoire, recent advances in the ability to manipulate GPCR expression in vivo have provided another valuable approach in the study of GPCR function and mechanism of action. Current technologies now allow investigators to manipulate GPCR expression in a variety of ways. Graded reductions in GPCR expression can be achieved through antisense strategies or total gene ablation or replacement can be achieved through gene targeting strategies, and exogenous expression of wild-type or mutant GPCR isoforms can be accomplished with transgenic technologies. Both the techniques used to achieve these specific alterations and the consequences of altered expression patterns are reviewed here and discussed in the context of GPCR function and mechanism of action.[1]


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