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Saturation kinetics and choleretic effects of iodoxamate and iodipamide.

The biliary excretion and choleretic effects of iodoxamate (Cholevue) and iodipamide (Cholografin) were compared in unanesthetized dogs with biliary fistulas in order to assess the potential of the two contrast agents for use in intravenous cholangiography. For any equimolar infusion rate, more iodoxamate was secreted in the bile than iodipamide was the same. At the constant basal bile flow maintained in these studies, there was no difference in the maximum biliary concentration of the two compounds. With the presently recommended doses, it is unlikely that iodoxamate will offer a striking improvement over iodipamide for intravenous cholangiography in patients with normal liver function.[1]


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