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Biliary Fistula

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Chemical compound and disease context of Biliary Fistula

  • METHODS: Using anesthetized biliary fistula guinea pigs or rats, the ileum was perfused with ursodeoxycholyltaurine at a concentration causing maximal ileal transport of this bile acid; absorption was assessed by biliary recovery [6].
  • In healthy biliary fistula (donor) rats, biliary 55Fe originating from plasma NTBI was obtained by injecting Fe citrate (to saturate transferrin) followed by 55Fe [7].
  • 24-Norursodeoxycholic acid (nor-UDCA), when administered into the anesthetized biliary fistula hamster or injected into the perfusate of an isolated liver, was hydroxylated at C-5 to give 5 beta-hydroxynorursodeoxycholic acid 2 (3 alpha,5,7 beta-trihydroxy-24-nor-5 beta-cholan-23-oic acid), which was secreted into bile mainly as such [8].
  • Studies on digitalis. XII. Kinetic pattern of digitoxin metabolism in patients with biliary fistulas [9].
  • Emptying of the gall-bladder, measured by bilirubin output from the biliary fistula, started shortly before the peak rise in pressure occurred [10].

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