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Effect of chlorfenvinphos on rat liver subjected to ischemia and reperfusion.

The study was performed on rats divided into 9 groups. Groups 1-3 served as controls. In groups 4 and 5 rat livers were subjected to 90-min ischemia followed by 12- or 24-hour reperfusion. In groups 6 and 7 rats were injected with intraperitoneal chlorfenvinphos (2 mg/kg b.w.) and sacrificed after 12 or 24 hours. In groups 8 and 9 rat livers were subjected to 90-min ischemia, 12- or 24-hour reperfusion and then rats were injected with chlorfenvinphos (2 mg/kg b.w.). Liver sections were evaluated morphologically, histochemically (SDH, LDH, G6Pase, glycogen, Mg2+ ATPase and AcP). The microsomal fraction of the liver was evaluated for cytochrome P450 content and NADPH-cytochrome P-450 reductase activity. It has been found that liver ischemia and reperfusion result in extensive necrosis, enzymatic disturbances, particularly in acinar zone 3. Ischemia as well as reperfusion decrease the cytochrome P450 content of hepatocytic microsomes and the activity of NADPH-cytochrome P-450 reductase. Intraperitoneal injection of chlorfenvinphos during ischemia and reperfusion dramatically intensifies damage to the liver, although chlorfenvinphos alone produces only mild nonspecific effects on the morphological and enzymatic structure of the liver.[1]


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