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A novel C-terminal binding protein ( CTBP2) is closely related to CTBP1, an adenovirus E1A-binding protein, and maps to human chromosome 21q21.3.

A region of the C-terminus of adenovirus type 2/5 E1A protein has been associated with negative modulation of tumorigenicity, as well as the extent of oncogenic transformation. In contrast with the N-terminus of the E1A protein, which has been extensively characterized and shown to associate with a number of cellular proteins, the function of the C-terminus is poorly understood. To date, a single 48-kDa protein, CTBP1, has been shown to associate with this region. Here we report the identification and sequence of a novel gene in human ( CTBP2) and mouse ( Ctbp2), both highly related to CTBP1 and thus also likely to bind to the E1A protein. We found that CTBP2 is expressed in all tissues tested, with a higher level of expression in the heart, skeletal muscle, and pancreas. We mapped CTBP1 and CTBP2 to human chromosomes 4p16 and 21q21.3, respectively.[1]


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