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Genetic mapping of the mouse Rab7 gene and pseudogene and of the human RAB7 homolog.

Rab proteins are small GTP-ases localized to distinct membrane compartments in eukaryotic cells and regulating specific steps of intracellular vesicular membrane traffic. The Rab7 protein is localized to the late endosomal compartment and controls late steps of endocytosis. We have isolated, by library screening, the 5' region, including the promoter, of the mouse Rab7 gene and a Rab7 pseudogene. We have mapped, by genetic linkage analysis, the mouse Rab7 gene on Chromosome (Chr) 6 and the Rab7-ps1 pseudogene on Chr 9, where the Rab7 gene has been previously reported to map. By radiation hybrid mapping, we have located the human RAB7 gene on Chr 3, in a region homologous to the mouse Chr 6, where the Rab7 gene maps.[1]


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