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Research-oriented image registry for multimodal image integration.

To provide multimodal biomedical images automatically, we constructed the research-oriented image registry, Data Delivery System (DDS). DDS was constructed on the campus local area network. Machines which generate images (imagers: DSA, ultrasound, PET, MRI, SPECT and CT) were connected to the campus LAN. Once a patient is registered, all his images are automatically picked up by DDS as they are generated, transferred through the gateway server to the intermediate server, and copied into the directory of the user who registered the patient. DDS informs the user through e-mail that new data have been generated and transferred. Data format is automatically converted into one which is chosen by the user. Data inactive for a certain period in the intermediate server are automatically achieved into the final and permanent data server based on compact disk. As a soft link is automatically generated through this step, a user has access to all (old or new) image data of the patient of his interest. As DDS runs with minimal maintenance, cost and time for data transfer are significantly saved. By making the complex process of data transfer and conversion invisible, DDS has made it easy for naive-to-computer researchers to concentrate on their biomedical interest.[1]


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