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Compact Disks

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High impact information on Compact Disks

  • Now optical storage technology, most conspicuously the compact disk read only memory (CD-ROM), provides similar massive information storage and retrieval affordable to microcomputer users [1].
  • The utility of the technique was further illustrated by imaging of microchannels in a zeonor plastic compact disk and in a poly(dimethylsiloxane) material for the study of nonspecific peptide adsorption [2].
  • Amperometric determination of dipyrone in pharmaceutical formulations with a flow cell containing gold electrodes from recordable compact discs [3].
  • A new therapeutic technique for this disorder has been designed by combining a computer compact disc video endoscopic system with a fiberoptic CO2 surgical laser unit [4].
  • OBJECTIVE: To compare two strategies for searching MEDLINE using the CD Plus/MEDLINE program on compact disc [5].

Associations of Compact Disks with chemical compounds

  • We obtained 22 reports from references cited in earlier reviews, through compact disc literature search 1980-1990, and from the Nordic Aluminum Industry's Secretariat for Health, Environment and Safety. Six reports were excluded because the material was included in later studies or because a critical evaluation was impossible [6].
  • METHODS: A compact disc produced by the National Portrait Gallery in London, UK, was systematically searched for artworks produced in the years 1950 to 1999 [7].

Gene context of Compact Disks

  • The new compact disc from the Department of Veterans Affairs, Tonal and Speech Materials for Auditory, Perceptual Assessment, Disc 2.0 (1998), contains two lists of randomly interleaved 1-, 2-, and 3-pair dichotic digits [8].
  • OBJECTIVE: In a previous study (Sherbecoe & Studebaker, 2002), we derived a frequency-importance function and a transfer function for the audio compact disc version of the Connected Speech Test (CST) [9].
  • OBJECTIVE: A study was performed to derive a frequency importance function (FIF), a performance-intensity funcTIon (PIF), and a transfer function (TF) for the audio compact disc version of the Connected Speech Test (CST) [10].
  • The German HSM Sentence Test, available on compact disc (CD), consists of 30 lists of 20 everyday sentences [11].
  • Two protocols developed for the Tonal and Speech Materials for Auditory Perceptual Assessment audio compact disc are low- and high-pass filtered versions of the Northwestern University Auditory Test No. 6 (female speaker) [12].


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