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Electronic Mail

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Disease relevance of Electronic Mail

  • When a prominent Australian politician, the then Premier of Tasmania, The Honourable Jim Bacon, publicly announced in February 2004 that he had lung cancer, he was inundated with well-wishing communications sent by post, email and other means [1].

High impact information on Electronic Mail

  • TMAP: a new email and WWW service for membrane-protein structural predictions [2].
  • The work of the resource is widely distributed and is available on the World Wide Web, via FTP, E-mail server, CD-ROM and magnetic media [3].
  • A neural network method for prediction of mucin type O-glycosylation sites in mammalian glycoproteins exclusively from the primary sequence is made available by E-mail or WWW [4].
  • Test plates were automatically read and results were recorded with the BIOMIC Vision Image Analysis System. Species, drug, zone diameter, susceptibility category, and quality control results were collected quarterly via e-mail for analysis [5].
  • To describe the impact of delayed diagnosis on US families, diagnostic stories were requested on the CF Research, Inc, e-mail list in September 2003 [6].

Biological context of Electronic Mail

  • The database is available on-line directly from the authors by ftp and can also be obtained from the EMBL nucleotide sequence library by electronic mail, ftp, and on CD ROM disk [7].
  • A questionnaire was sent by e-mail in October 2001 to 753 members of the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (ASPH/O) [8].
  • Initial email replies were received at the CRP within a day of referral in 70% of cases and within thee days in 100%, which shows that store-and-forward telemedicine can be both fast and reliable [9].
  • PURPOSE: To examine the effect of toothbrushing with different brands of regular (Meridol, Colgate) and whitening toothpaste (Pearl Weiss, Rembrant, Email Diamant) on bacterial adhesion onto enamel surfaces in vitro [10].
  • So I sent the question to every midwife for whom I had an e-mail address from the last Midwifery Today conference in Paris. Beyond this motivation was my own curiosity regarding the relationship between the official term in each country and its uses and routines [11].

Associations of Electronic Mail with chemical compounds

  • A sequence based prediction server for GlcNAc O-glycosylations in D. discoideum proteins has been made available through the WWW at and via E-mail to [12].
  • Feasibility and usefulness of dedicated software and e-mail for self-monitoring blood glucose in treating diabetes [13].
  • METHODS: We investigated cases of inadvertent ketamine overdose in children seen in the ED solicited through electronic mail subscription lists or reported to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices [14].
  • Three-dimensional models of ternary complexes of human 17beta-HSD_8 with NAD cofactor and two chemically distinct substrates, the BKR substrate {CH3-(CH2)(12)-CO-CH(2)-CO-S-[ACP]} and the HSD substrate {estradiol} have been constructed (the atomic coordinates are available on request; e-mail: [15].
  • To assess the use and perceived efficacy of these agents, an e-mail survey of members of the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine was performed [16].

Gene context of Electronic Mail

  • AVAILABILITY: The geometry optimized P2X3 receptor subunit is freely available for academic researchers on e-mail request (PDB format) [17].
  • The aim is to obtain data relating to all known instances of MECP2 variations, including published ta and data directly submitted by one of various means (either by using an online submission form, or by sending the same form in Adobe portable document format (pdf) or Microsoft Word format by email or fax to the database curators) [18].
  • FTP, CD-ROM and e-mail servers are alternate means of access [19].
  • AVAILIBILITY: The database schema, DTD file, and source codes are available from the authors via email [20].
  • Stopping spam. What can be done to stanch the flood of junk e-mail messages [21]?

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Electronic Mail


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