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Effect of the source of dietary fat on postweaning lipogenesis in lean and fat pigs.

Twenty-four male piglets weaned after 21 days, 12 of the Large White lean breed (LW) and 12 of the Alentejano fat breed (AL), have been used to compare the effects of genotype and source of dietary fat on the activities of enzymes involved in lipogenesis and on the composition of selected fatty tissues. During 4 weeks the piglets were fed isoenergetic and isonitrogenous experimental diets, containing 5 % of either olive oil or tallow. In AL piglets the acetylcoenzyme A carboxylase activity was three- and ninefold higher, the malic enzyme activity six- and fivefold, and the glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity was four- and fivefold higher in the dorsal subcutaneous and in the perirenal fat, respectively, than in LW piglets. In general, fatty tissues of the AL piglets contained a higher proportion of saturated fatty acids. Olive oil induced a significant increase in the activities of malic enzyme and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase in both tissues, but only slightly increased the acetylcoenzyme A carboxylase activity in perirenal fatty tissues (p < 0.05). The fatty acid profile of the subcutaneous and of the perirenal fat was strongly affected by the composition of dietary fat. These observations showed that the source of dietary fat influenced markedly lipid metabolism and body composition since a very early age.[1]


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