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Structural characterization and mapping of the normal epithelial cell-specific 1 gene.

The normal epithelial cell-specific 1 (NES1) gene is a recently identified novel serine protease-like gene which is down-regulated during breast cancer progression. The gene product has 34-42% identity with the members of three distinct serine protease families: the trypsin-like family, activators of kringle domain-containing growth factors, and the kallikrein family (X. L. Liu et al., (1996) Cancer Res 56, 3371-3379). Although the cDNA of this gene has been cloned, its genomic structure and chromosomal position are not as yet known. Here, we report the genomic characterization and mapping of the NES1 gene. By subcloning and sequencing a PAC clone containing the complete NES1 gene, we were able to characterize the structure of this gene. The NES1 gene spans 5.5 kb and is composed of five coding exons and one untranslated exon. The positions of the introns were similar to trypsinogen, prostate specific antigen (PSA), and tissue plasminogen activator ( TPA). NES1 gene was also localized with somatic cell mapping, radiation hybrid mapping, and fluorescence in situ hybridization techniques to chromosome 19q13.3-q13.4, the same region where the human kallikrein gene family resides. Taken together, our results suggest that the NES1 gene originates from the same ancestor as trypsinogen, PSA, and TPA, but remains in close proximity to PSA.[1]


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