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Gene Review

KLK10  -  kallikrein-related peptidase 10

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Kallikrein-10, NES1, Normal epithelial cell-specific 1, PRSSL1, Protease serine-like 1
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Disease relevance of KLK10


Psychiatry related information on KLK10

  • Dependent variables included four subtests from NES1 (tapping, reaction time, pattern comparison, and Benton visual retention), as well as VEP-latencies (N2, P100, N3) evoked by checkerboard patterns of different size and contrast [5].

High impact information on KLK10

  • The serum concentration of human kallikrein 10 represents a novel biomarker for ovarian cancer diagnosis and prognosis [6].
  • Using methylation-specific PCR and sequence analysis of sodium bisulfite-treated genomic DNA, we demonstrate a strong correlation between exon 3 hypermethylation and loss of NES1 mRNA expression in a panel of breast cancer cell lines and in primary tumors [7].
  • We suggest that hypermethylation is responsible for tumor-specific loss of NES1 gene expression [7].
  • Using a luciferase reporter system, we demonstrate that most tumor cell lines are able to support full or partial transcription from the NES1 promoter, suggesting a role for promoter-independent cis-acting mechanisms of loss of NES1 expression [7].
  • Now, we have cloned and characterized the active promoter region of NES1 [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of KLK10


Biological context of KLK10


Anatomical context of KLK10


Associations of KLK10 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of KLK10


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of KLK10


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