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Molecular, serological and population studies on a novel HLA-B allele--HLA-B*5002.

A novel HLA-B allele (B*5002), detected as a discrepancy between serological and PCR-SSP HLA-A and B phenotyping of bone marrow panel donors, was identified by nucleotide sequencing of exons 2 and 3. Titration studies on 39 HLA-B12/B21 cross-reactive antisera showed that the serological specificity of HLA-B*5002 was HLA-B45. PCR-SSP testing of 287 serologically defined HLA-B45-positive subjects from a panel of 12,411 donors, together with HLA-B*45 and B*5002 frequency data on 4,342 PCR-SSP typed subjects, indicated that 4.53% of serologically defined HLA-B45-positive subjects possess HLA-B*5002 and not HLA-B*4501. The phenotype frequency of HLA-B*5002 was 0.08954%; gene frequency was 0.00045 (n=16,753). In 73.3% of instances B*5002 appeared to be present on a haplotype with DRB1*0406 and DQB1*0402, 54.6% of which possessed A*2301. The B*5002, DRB1*0406, DQB1*0402 haplotype represents 52.4% of all haplotypes with DRB1*04 and DQB1*04 and 78.6% of haplotypes possessing DRB1*0406 and DQB1*0402.[1]


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