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Effect of cadmium body burden on immune response of school children.

The effects of cadmium on measures of immune-system function were determined from a health survey of school children in heavily polluted regions of eastern Germany. A representative sample of 842 students, aged 5-14 y, was included in logistic regression analyses in which the relationship between urinary cadmium content and blood immunoglobulin levels was examined. Investigators further evaluated a subsample of 807 students to determine cadmium's effect on the immediate hypersensitivity reactions elicited by skin-prick challenges with 12 common aeroallergens. Several potentially confounding factors were controlled for, after which investigators found that increasing body burdens of cadmium were associated consistently with dose-dependent suppression of immediate hypersensitivity and of immunoglobin G, but not immunoglobulins M, A, or E levels. The immunoglobulin pattern observed in exposed children led investigators to suggest that secondary humoral responses were impaired by cadmium.[1]


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