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Drosophila homeobox gene eve enhances trol, an activator of neuroblast proliferation in the larval CNS.

The regulation of stem cell division by developmental cues is critical for the assembly and function of multicellular organisms. Stem cell division in the Drosophila brain is controlled by trol, which is required for activation of proliferation by quiescent neuroblasts at the appropriate stage of larval development. We show that the transcriptional regulator eve is part of the trol activation pathway by identifying eve as a dominant enhancer of a weak trol allele, trolb22. Known eve mutations are capable of enhancing the lethality of trolb22 and uncovering a defective neuroblast proliferation phenotype. Additionally, genetic and molecular analysis reveals that an independent mutation which acts as a dominant enhancer of trol is also an allele of eve. The enhancement of trolb22 lethality can be suppressed by the presence of an eve transgene. Interestingly, extra copies of eve supplied by the eve transgene also enhance trolb22 lethality, suggesting that the level of Eve protein may be critical for neuroblast activation. Finally, activation of neuroblast proliferation is normal in eve4 heterozygotes, suggesting that the proliferation defect observed in trolb22;eve/+ animals is due to a synergistic interaction.[1]


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