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Multi-measurement method comparison of three commercial hepatitis B virus DNA quantification assays.

Serum specimens (327) from patients with chronic hepatitis B were evaluated for hepatitis B virus (HBV) DNA using three commercial assays--Chiron Quantiplex (CA), Digene Hybrid Capture (DA) and Abbott HBV DNA assay (AA). The HBV DNA values obtained following evaluation were used to compare the linearity, responsiveness and precision of each assay and to determine the conversion between the three different assay values. The comparison was accomplished using a new statistical approach termed the multi-measurement method (MMM). MMM is a minimal bias, non-linear regression technique that allows simultaneous multiassay performance evaluation as well as assay value interconversion. MMM analysis demonstrated that the CA was more sensitive and responsive than either the DA or the AA. Both the CA and DA were more precise than the AA. Validation of the MMM results was performed using two additional data sets of 551 and 100 specimens, respectively. MMM is a novel statistical tool that has a broad application for the generation of statistically normalized laboratory data and for interassay standardization.[1]


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