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Treatment of human pulmonary paragonimiasis with triclabendazole: clinical tolerance and drug efficacy.

An open clinical trial to determine the efficacy and tolerability of postprandial doses of triclabendazole against Paragonimus mexicanus in 62 patients with pulmonary paragonimiasis from the Ecuadorian Amazon region was performed. Praziquantel was used as therapeutic control. Patients were allocated at random to the following 4 therapeutic regimens: triclabendazole, 5 mg/kg once daily for 3 d (16 patients), 10 mg/kg twice on one day (15 patients), and 10 mg/kg in a single dose (16 patients), and praziquantel, 25 mg/kg thrice daily for 3 d (15 patients). Clinical tolerance, based on the frequency and severity of adverse reactions, was superior in all 3 triclabendazole regimens to that of praziquantel. No alteration was observed in hepato-renal functions or haematological values. The clinical symptoms resolved at a comparable rate in all 4 treatment groups. A more rapid parasitological response to treatment, as determined by the reduction in the average number of parasite eggs found in sputum, was seen in patients treated with triclabendazole than with praziquantel. By day 90, 60 patients had no egg detected in their sputum; 2 patients, treated with a single dose of 10 mg/kg, had a few and were re-treated with triclabendazole (5 mg daily for 3 d). On day 365, none of the patients had eggs in their sputum. Triclabendazole can be recommended as an alternative drug of choice for the treatment of pulmonary paragonimiasis; it is as effective as praziquantel in clearing infections and better tolerated.[1]


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