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Identification of a chicken "C" chemokine related to lymphotactin.

In this study we describe the isolation and characterization of a new chicken (Gallus gallus) chemokine. This molecule belongs to the C or gamma-chemokine family and is related to the mouse and human lymphotactin (Lptn). Mouse and human Lptn are distinguished from alpha and beta chemokines by the absence of two cysteines (Cys 1 and 3) that form a disulfide bridge; the novel chicken chemokine shows the same cysteine pattern, but replaces a long carboxy-terminal tail found in the other Lptn proteins with a short extension rich in Arg residues. The 1-kb mRNA is mainly expressed in spleen, although weaker signals have been detected in liver and colon. It is interesting to note that the chicken chemokine seems to preferentially induce the migration of spleen B cells over T cells or B cells from the bursa of Fabricius.[1]


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