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PDGFbeta receptor blockade inhibits intimal hyperplasia in the baboon.

BACKGROUND--We have evaluated the use of a mouse/human chimeric anti-platelet-derived growth factor-beta receptor antibody in combination with heparin to inhibit intimal hyperplasia in the saphenous artery of the baboon after balloon angioplasty. METHODS AND RESULTS--The study evaluated lesion development in sequential injuries made 28 days apart. Each animal received control treatment after the first injury and antibody/heparin therapy after the second injury to the contralateral artery. The antibody was administered by bolus intravenous injections (10 mg/kg) on study days 1, 4, 8, 15, and 22 and heparin coadministered by continuous intravenous infusion at a dose of 0.13 mg/kg per hour. Morphometric analysis of tissue sections showed a 53% decrease in intimal area after antibody/heparin treatment (P=0.005), corresponding to a 40% decrease in the intima-to-media ratio (P=0.005). Smooth muscle cell proliferation in the injured wall, measured at both 4 and 29 days after balloon injury, were similar in the control and antibody/heparin-treated animals. CONCLUSIONS--These data suggest that platelet-derived growth factor plays a key role in the development of intimal lesions at sites of acute vascular injury in the nonhuman primate.[1]


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