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Mus musculus
Gene: ... Disease relevance of Pax6 Aphakia( ak ), a mouse mutation affecting early eye development: fine mapping, consideration of candidate genes and altered Pax6 and Six3 gene expression pattern. Activation of Pax4 resulted in the expression of the late- stage transcription factors, including Pax6, Isl- 1... / Synonyms: Paired box protein Pax-6; Pax-6
Homo sapiens
Gene: ... Disease relevance of PAX6 All observed mutations support the notion that haploinsufficiency in PAX6 results in aniridia and associated eye anomalies. The expression of PAX6, PTEN, vascular endothelial.... PAX6 mutations have been detected in various ocular anomalies, including aniridia, Peters anomaly... / Synonyms: Paired box protein Pax-6
Ciona intestinalis
Gene: ... High impact information on Pax6 The notochord and dorsal ectoderm induce dorsoventral compartmentalization of the vertebrate neural tube through the differential regulation of genes such as HNF- 3beta, Pax3, Pax6 and snail....
Rattus norvegicus
Gene: ... Disease relevance of Pax6 Activation of Pax4 resulted in the expression of the late- stage transcription factors, including Pax6, Isl- 1, and MafA, and generated a gene expression profile for WB- 1A cells similar to that of functional rat insulinoma INS- 1 cells. High impact information on Pax6... / Synonyms: Paired box protein Pax-6; Pax-6
Danio rerio
Gene: ... Disease relevance of pax6a This analysis also revealed specific binding of zebrafish Pax6. 1 protein to an element required for six3. 1 expression in ganglion cells. High impact information on pax6a In contrast, expression of pax6a, which is negatively regulated by shh, was suppressed in the thalamus... / Synonyms: Paired box protein Pax-6; Pax6.1; pax6
Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
Gene: ... High impact information on pax6 At the neurula and tailbud stages, dorsoanterior structures... by the expression of pax- 6, Xotx2 and en- 2. XTcf- 4A restored the expression of the mesencephalon marker genes pax... transcription factors expressed in the anterior neural ectoderm and/ or presumptive eye field( otx2, pax6... / Synonyms: pax-6
Danio rerio
Gene: ... High impact information on pax6b Additionally, stage- matched zebrafish embryos having decreased pax6a and/ or pax6b activity display malformed rhombomere boundaries and an anteriorized hoxd4a expression border. The embryonic expression patterns of Pax6. 1 and Pax6. 2 reveal both overlapping... / Synonyms: Pax6.2
Gallus gallus
Gene: ... Disease relevance of PAX6 The ganglion cell layer labeled for Isl1, Pax6 and Isl2. High impact information on PAX6 In response to acute damage, numerous Müller glia re- entered the cell cycle, and shortly thereafter, expressed CASH- 1, Pax6 and Chx10, transcription factors expressed by embryonic retinal...
Bos taurus
Gene: ... High impact information on PAX6 Here, we show that bovine inner cell masses from nuclear transfer... nestin, Pax6, Pax7, Sox1, and Otx2 and exhibiting interkinetic nuclear migration activity and cell... into rosettes expressing Pax6 and Sox1 and are responsive to inductive signals such as Sonic hedgehog( Shh...
ey  -  eyeless
Drosophila melanogaster
Gene: ... that Pax- 6 homologues share conserved functions. Biological context of ey They are all conserved between... mutations of Pax- 6/ eyeless that result in truncated proteins. In addition, so1( eyeless) mutant flies show... that are essential for eye development in Drosophila. These genes have been proposed to act with eyeless( Pax6... / Synonyms: Ey/Pax6; Paired box protein Pax-6; Pax-6


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