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Gene Review

PAX6  -  paired box 6

Bos taurus

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High impact information on PAX6

  • Here, we show that bovine inner cell masses from nuclear transfer and fertilized embryos, grown on feeders in serum-free medium, form polarized rosette structures expressing nestin, Pax6, Pax7, Sox1, and Otx2 and exhibiting interkinetic nuclear migration activity and cell junction distribution as in the developing neural tube [1].
  • In primates, these cells are organized into rosettes expressing Pax6 and Sox1 and are responsive to inductive signals such as Sonic hedgehog (Shh) and retinoic acid [1].
  • Alternative splicing of Pax6 in bovine eye and evolutionary conservation of intron sequences [2].
  • PAX6 expression identifies progenitor cells for corneal keratocytes [3].
  • Cytometry demonstrated PAX6 protein in 4% of freshly isolated stromal cells [3].

Biological context of PAX6


Anatomical context of PAX6


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