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Chemical Compound Review

AC1L2VXO     5-(aziridin-1-ylsulfonyl)- N,N-dimethyl...

Synonyms: CTK8I9868, ZINC02168225, AR-1I3454, KB-197538, FT-0620363, ...
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High impact information on Dansylaziridine

  • Dansylaziridine-labeled troponin C. A new fluorescent "physiological" probe for calcium regulation by sarcoplasmic reticulum [1].
  • They allowed determinations of separations between specific sites from measurements of energy transfer from (1) Met25 (DNZ) to Cys98 (IAE) in TnC, (2) Trp158 to Cys133 (IAEDANS) in TnI, (3) Cys98 (IAEDANS) of TnC to Cys133(IAE) of TnI, (4) Trp158 of TnI to Cys98(IAEDANS) of TnC, and (6) Met25(DNZ) of TnC to Cys133(IAE) of TnI [2].
  • Binding of substrates to the enzyme complex caused an increase in the fluorescence of the dansylaziridine-labelled pyruvate dehydrogenase complex, showing that binding of substrates to the complex is accompanied by structural changes [3].
  • In order to probe the affinity constants of the Ca2+ binding sites of the regulatory domain, ETnC was labelled with dansylaziridine (Danz) [4].
  • Fluorescence intensity changes of a dansylaziridine label at the Met-25 residue of troponin C have shown the same Ca2(+)-sensitivity whether or not ATP is present, while much lower Ca2(+)-sensitivity is seen in the myosin-extracted myofibrils [5].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Dansylaziridine


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