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Chemical Compound Review

FP-Cit     methyl(1R,2S,3S)-8-(3- fluoropropyl)-3-(4...

Synonyms: beta-Cit-FP, AC1L3U61, (123I)FP-Cit, 155797-99-2, (O-Methyl-11C)beta-cit-FP
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Disease relevance of FP-Cit


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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of FP-Cit

  • CONCLUSION: These results indicate that [123I] beta CIT-FP/SPECT can provide quantitative descriptors of presynaptic dopaminergic function comparable to those obtained with [18F]FDOPA/PET [1].
  • UPDRS motor ratings correlated with SOR values obtained by both imaging techniques (r = -0.69 and -0.60, p < 0.04 for [123I] beta CIT-FP and [18F]FDOPA, respectively) [1].
  • Positron emission tomography (PET) studies with [O-methyl-11C] beta-CIT-FP ([11C] beta-CIT-FP) has shown that equilibrium conditions were approached but, however, not reached at the end of measurement [3].
  • The fraction of unchanged [18F] beta-CIT-FP determined by HPLC was 10-15% after 140 min [3].


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