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Chemical Compound Review

BVPAM     tert-butyl N-[(2S)-1-[(2S)-2-[[(2S)-5...

Synonyms: AR-1K0260, FT-0640995, AC1L2O5N, AC1Q5XN1, Boc-val-pro-arg-mca, ...
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Disease relevance of Boc-val-pro-arg-mca


High impact information on Boc-val-pro-arg-mca

  • The protease catalyzing the hydrolysis of the tripeptide fluorescence substrate, butoxycarbonyl-valine-proline-arginine-(7-amino-4-methylcoumarin) (Boc-Val-Pro-Arg-MCA) and the neu oncogenic protein are potentially useful biomarkers for human cancer prevention studies [2].
  • Among the activities tested, only Boc-Val-Pro-Arg-MCA-hydrolyzing enzyme of the muscle microsomes showed an about 6-fold higher level of activity in mdx mouse [3].
  • The purified enzyme has a mol. wt of 57,000 and catalysed the hydrolysis of arginine esters and thrombin substrates Boc-Val-Pro-Arg-MCA and Boc-Asp(OBz)-Pro-Arg-MCA [4].
  • A protease preparation obtained from HeLa cells by sonication and ultrafiltration through a molecular sieve membrane strongly hydrolyzed the fluorescent peptides Boc-Val-Pro-Arg-MCA and Bz-Arg-MCA [5].
  • Effects of protease inhibitors on the following phenomena are thought to be related to their anticarcinogenic activity: 1) ability to effect the expression of certain oncogenes, and 2) ability to return carcinogen-increased levels of certain proteolytic activities (e.g., Boc-val-pro-arg-MCA hydrolyzing activity) to normal levels [6].

Anatomical context of Boc-val-pro-arg-mca


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