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Chemical Compound Review

Nitrofurfural     5-nitrofuran-2-carbaldehyde

Synonyms: PubChem19850, CHEMBL351937, NSC-5574, ACMC-1AVOH, CCRIS 1542, ...
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Disease relevance of Nitrofurfural


High impact information on Nitrofurfural


Chemical compound and disease context of Nitrofurfural

  • Analysis of partially purified crude extract of Escherichia coli K12 by chromatography and gel electrophoresis has resulted in the separation of three distinct activities which catalyse the reduction of nitrofurazone (semicarbazone of 5-nitro-2-furaldehyde) in the presence of oxygen (type I nitroreductases) [6].

Biological context of Nitrofurfural


Gene context of Nitrofurfural

  • 5-Nitro-2-furaldehyde (NFA) forms in alkaline solutions an anion of nitronic acid of (5-nitro-furan-2-yl)-methanediol [9].


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