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Chemical Compound Review

Ici-D2138     6-[[3-fluoro-5-(4- methoxyoxan-4...

Synonyms: CHEMBL20403, AG-D-81587, SureCN1083603, ACMC-20mzth, ZD-2138, ...
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High impact information on ZD 2138

  • Nonredox type 5-lipoxygenase (5-LO) inhibitors, such as ZM 230487, its methyl analogue ZD 2138, or the Merck compound L-739,010, suppress cellular leukotriene synthesis of ionophore stimulated granulocytes with IC50 values of about 50 nM [1].
  • Furthermore, the cyclization of the ethers has given a highly potent, but achiral series, the methoxytetrahydropyrans (methoxyTHP), exemplified by 41 (ZD-2138) presently under clinical evaluation [2].
  • The reportedly specific inhibitor of 5-lipoxygenase, ZD-2138, substantially inhibited allergen-induced pulmonary bronchoconstriction but did not influence glycoconjugate secretion [3].


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