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Chemical Compound Review

Prochloraz Mn     dichloromanganese; N-propyl-N-[2-(2,4,6...

Synonyms: CQ 1054, AC1L4DT0, 69192-23-0, EINECS 273-907-4, Prochloraz manganese complex
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Disease relevance of Prelude

  • Two protocols ("Octave" and "Binary") were developed, each of which was patterned after the testing procedure previously developed at the Oregon Tinnitus Clinic and used to assess thousands of tinnitus patients [1].
  • The clinical features of Guillain-Barré syndrome were initially described by Octave Landry in 1859 [2].
  • In this study, the authors examined motion sickness symptoms among 119 passengers and 100 conductors of both trains with a self-administered questionnaire, and evaluated the vibration acceleration on the floor by using the 1/3 Octave Band Analyzer and the Fast Fourier Transform method (FFT) [3].

High impact information on Prelude

  • It is shown experimentally that the motion of the tectorial membrane is resonant at a frequency of 0.5 octave (oct) below the resonant frequency of the basilar membrane and polarized parallel to the reticular lamina [4].
  • Comparative effect of the fungicide Prochloraz-Mn on Agaricus bisporus vegetative-mycelium and fruit-body cell walls [5].
  • Furthermore, the aggregated mycelial walls showed distinct alterations in their overall chemical composition following the administration of Prochloraz-Mn at the LD50 and the LD50 x1000 [5].

Anatomical context of Prelude


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