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Chemical Compound Review

MT-100     sodium; 4-amino-5-chloro-N-(2...

Synonyms: AC1L4USX, AC1Q1VQX, AR-1L5344, MT 100
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Disease relevance of MT-100

  • The level of TAA was high in 2 metastatic carcinomas tested (TMT-081 and SMT-2A) and much lower--by a factor of 50--200--in 2 nonmetastatic mammary carcinomas (MT-100 and MT-W9B) [1].
  • POZEN has three other compounds, MT-400, MT-300 and MT-100, in phases I, II and III, respectively, for the treatment of acute migraine [2].
  • Cell line MT-100-TC is a line derived from the ascites of a rat bearing the ascites form of MT-100 [3].

High impact information on MT-100

  • Fucosyltransferase levels in 6 established strains of spontaneously metastasizing rat mammary tumors (STMT-058, MT-449, DMBA-4, SMT-077, TMT-081, and SMT-2A) were compared with 4 nonmetastasizing strains (MT-W9B, MT-W9A, MT-100, and MT-66) as controls [4].
  • Two continuous rat mammary tumor cell lines have been established in culture from the lymphogenously metastasizing rat mammary carcinoma TMT-081 and one from the nonmetastasizing MT-100 and some of their in vitro and in vivo characteristics studied [3].


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