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Chemical Compound Review

CEGABA     4-(2- carboxyethylamino)butanoic acid

Synonyms: spermidate, Spermidic acid, C1181_SIGMA, C5556_SIGMA, HMDB02201, ...
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Disease relevance of BRN 1774240


High impact information on BRN 1774240

  • Acid hydrolysis of the radioactive compound produced radioactive spermidic acid, confirming the identification [3].
  • CEGABA enhances the growth of hybridomas through all the steps of hybridoma technology and induces the formation of a large number of EBV-transformed lymphocytes, when added to the culture medium immediately after EBV infection [1].
  • Furthermore the effects of a polyamine derivative, carboxyethyl gamma-aminobutyric acid (CEGABA), were studied on the growth of hybridomas and Epstein-Barr Virus-transformed cell lines [1].

Anatomical context of BRN 1774240

  • However, CEGABA shows only a moderate effect on the stability of EBV-transformed cell lines over time, and does not effect the growth of stabilized cell lines [1].


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