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Chemical Compound Review

Batrafen     6-cyclohexyl-1-hydroxy-4- methyl-pyridin-2-one

Synonyms: Mycoster, Stieprox, CICLOPIROX, Loprox, Penlac, ...
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High impact information on Loprox

  • The in vitro permeation of ciclopirox (CPX) from P-3051 and from a commercial, water-insoluble lacquer based on a vinyl resin (Penlac, Aventis Pharma), was investigated using thin membranes obtained from bovine hooves, an accepted model for human nails [1].
  • Ciclopirox nail lacquer 8% (Penlac, Aventis Pharma) was approved by the US FDA in December 1999, as a component of a comprehensive management program, for use in immunocompetent patients who have mild to moderate onychomycosis of the fingers and toes without lunula involvement due to Trichophyton rubrum [2].
  • Ciclopirox (ciclopiroxolamine, CAS 29342-05-0) is a substituted pyridone antimycotic drug, unrelated to the imidazole derivatives and its topical application ensures maximum local bioavailability [3].

Anatomical context of Loprox

  • Similar CPX permeation fluxes at steady state through the membranes, but significantly different lag times were observed for P-3051 and Penlac, when these were tested as dry films [1].


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