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Chemical Compound Review

Oxoazanium     oxoazanium

Synonyms: oxoammonium, AC1MSQZ7
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High impact information on oxoammonium

  • In this research, .NO2 was generated by pulse radiolysis, and its reactions with TPO, 4-OH-TPO, 4-oxo-TPO, and 3-CP were studied by fast kinetic spectroscopy, either directly or by using ferrocyanide or 2,2'-azinobis(3-ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonate), which effectively scavenge the product of this reaction, the oxoammonium cation [1].
  • Cyclic nitroxides demonstrate antioxidative activity in numerous in vitro and in vivo models, which frequently involves the participation of the reduced and oxidized forms of the nitroxide, namely, the hydroxylamine and oxoammonium cation [2].
  • Oxoammonium salts. 9. Oxidative dimerization of polyfunctional primary alcohols to esters. An interesting beta oxygen effect [3].
  • Nitroxides can undergo redox reactions to the corresponding hydroxylamine anion or oxoammonium cation in biological systems as shown by its ability to react with superoxide, leading to the formation of hydrogen peroxide and molecular oxygen [4].
  • With this reaction system, the degradation of the cyclodextrin was limited, provided the oxidation was performed at 2 degrees C, at constant pH value of 10, with catalytic amounts of TEMPO and controlled quantities of sodium hypochlorite and sodium bromide for the continuous regeneration of the oxoammonium salt [5].


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