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Pulse Radiolysis

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  • Internal electron transfer from the [(NH3)5RuII-] centre to the Fe(III) haem centre occurs with a rate constant k congruent to 53 s-1 (25 degrees C) (delta H = 3.5 kcal mol-1, delta S = -39 EU), as measured by pulse radiolysis [5].
  • Equivalent results are obtained by pulse radiolysis using isopropanol radical as the reducing agent [6].
  • We have studied the reaction kinetics of ten manganese porphyrins, differing in their meso substituents, with peroxynitrite (ONOO-) and carbonate radical anion (CO3.) using stopped-flow and pulse radiolysis, respectively [7].
  • 1. The nitration yield was found to be dose rate-dependent, and the yield per radical produced by pulse radiolysis was identical to that obtained with authentic peroxynitrite [8].
  • Purified metal-free (apoproteins) and various remetallated derivatives were analyzed by metal titrations monitored by UV-visible spectroscopy, histidine modification studies using diethylpyrocarbonate, and enzymatic activity measurements using pulse radiolysis [9].

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