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Chemical Compound Review

Confront     2-(3,5,6-trichloropyridin-2- yl)oxyethanoic...

Synonyms: TRICLOPYR, Turflon, Garlon, Redeem, Remedy, ...
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Disease relevance of Turflon

  • Interestingly, our correlation analysis revealed a remarkably strong correlation between beta C+ Ki MAO-A values and their toxicity to PC12 LDH release (r = -0.84) or PC12 protein loss (r = 0.79) [1].
  • Five of these volunteers later received dermal applications of Garlon 4 herbicide formulation equivalent to 3.7 mg triclopyr/kg body weight applied to the forearm [2].
  • Infarct size also correlated with maximal LC II level (r = 0.77), and LC II level 24 hours after coronary occlusion (r = 0.69) [3].

High impact information on Turflon


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Turflon

  • A similar dose level was repeated 20 minutes before ligation release (R) [6].


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