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Chemical Compound Review

CHEBI:30829     (E)-octadec-6-enoic acid

Synonyms: CHEBI:36022, LMFA01030067, AKOS015903063, FT-0632468, AC1NR0Q8, ...
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Disease relevance of PETROSELINIC ACID

  • Measurements of respiration with petroselinic acid as the substrate showed rates to be linearly dependent on the 2,4-dienoyl-CoA reductase activity up to levels found in wild-type E. coli [1].
  • We describe the isolation and characterization of a novel four-chain ether phospholipid in Clostridium butyricum grown on petroselinic acid in the absence of biotin [2].

High impact information on PETROSELINIC ACID

  • Our proposal is strongly supported by the observation that peroxisomal Idp3p is essential for growth on the unsaturated fatty acids arachidonic, linoleic and petroselinic acid, which require 2, 4-dienoyl-CoA reductase activity [3].
  • These results demonstrate the involvement of a 36-kDa putative acyl-ACP desaturase in the biosynthetic pathway of petroselinic acid and the ability to produce fatty acids of unusual structure in transgenic plants by the expression of the gene for this desaturase [4].
  • Amplification of this intrinsic activity replaced Eci1p since it restored growth of the eci1Delta strain on petroselinic acid for which di-isomerase is not required whereas Eci1p is [5].
  • Transactivation was independent of exogenously added activators of either receptor but was potentiated by the addition of petroselinic acid, a fatty acid shown to activate PPARs in mammalian cells [6].
  • The findings showed that constitutive transactivation by PPAR/RXR did not require the complete beta-oxidation pathway or intact peroxisomes but required intact peroxisomes for potentiation by exogenously added petroselinic acid [6].


  • The seed-specific or seed-predominant promoters of acyl carrier protein (Cs-ACP1) and Delta4-palmitoyl-acyl carrier protein desaturase (Cs-4PAD) genes, which are involved in the biosynthesis of petroselinic acid, were isolated from coriander (Coriandrum sativum) and analyzed in coriander endosperms and transgenic Arabidopsis [7].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PETROSELINIC ACID

  • To examine the possibility that petroselinic acid is the product of an acyl-acyl carrier protein (ACP) desaturase, Western blots of coriander and other Umbelliferae seed extracts were probed with antibodies against the delta 9-stearoyl-ACP desaturase of avocado [4].


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