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Chemical Compound Review

LOMOFUNGIN     methyl4,7-dihydroxy-6- methanoyl-9-oxo-5H...

Synonyms: Lomondomycin, NCIMech_000010, AG-E-84713, CHEMBL1505471, CCG-35333, ...
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High impact information on LOMOFUNGIN

  • Termination of induction by inducer removal, addition of the ribonucleic acid synthesis inhibitor lomofungin, or resuspension of a culture of organisms containing temperature-sensitive rna1 gene products in a medium at 35 degrees C resulted in loss of ability for continued arginase synthesis with half-lives of 5.5, 3.8, and 4.5 min, respectively [1].
  • Existence of two levels of repression in the biosynthesis of methionine in Saccharomyces cerevisiae: effect of lomofungin on enzyme synthesis [2].
  • Lomofungin staining revealed that nuclear division was also arrested by these drugs [3].
  • The use of the antibiotic lomofungin for demonstration of nuclei and chromosomes in liver yeast cells and protoplasts [4].


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