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Chemical Compound Review

COFFEE EXTRACT     furan;1-methylpyridine-5- carboxylate;...

Synonyms: LS-2498, AC1OA83A, EINECS 283-481-1, Extract of coffee, Coffee bean extract, ...
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Disease relevance of Coffee


Associations of Coffee with other chemical compounds

  • After adjusting for age and sex, serum uric acid level associated with coffee intake of 4 to 5 and >/=6 cups daily was lower than that associated with no intake by 0.26 mg/dl (95% confidence interval [95% CI] 0.11, 0.41) and 0.43 mg/dl (95% CI 0.23, 0.65; P for trend < 0.001), respectively [4].
  • Common polymorphisms in genes involved in the metabolism of caffeine, catecholamines, homocysteine, and cholesterol can modulate the effect of coffee intake on cardiovascular parameters [5].


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