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Chemical Compound Review

Basdene     6-benzyl-2-sulfanylidene-1H- pyrimidin-4-one

Synonyms: AC1LEGI0, NSC-6508, AG-G-35009, SureCN2353689, ALBB-014144, ...
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Disease relevance of Basdene


High impact information on Basdene

  • Additionally, 2,6-pyridinediol and 6-benzyl-2-thiouracil have been identified as being potent inhibitors of UrdPase and dThdPase respectively [4].
  • ANCA-associated diffuse alveolar hemorrhage due to benzylthiouracil [2].
  • We report an 8-year-old girl treated with benzylthiouracil for Graves's disease who developed an ANCA-positive vasculitis with pulmonary hemorrhage [2].
  • Polarographic (DPP) activity of 6-benzyl-2-thiouracil (6-benzyl-2-mercapto-4-pyrimidinol, BTU) has been examined in a wide range of pH values and it has been discovered that the number and the height of observed peaks depends on composition of supporting electrolyte and concentration of the thiol [5].


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