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Chemical Compound Review

Phemfilcon A     2-ethoxyethyl 2-methylprop-2-enoate; 2...

Synonyms: Fresh Look, AG-J-56361, CTK4G3228, AR-1E1320, AC1L2G3K, ...
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High impact information on Phemfilcon A

  • Goldmann visual field testing was performed on ten patients while they were wearing the recently released DuraSoft 3 colored soft contact lenses [1].
  • The soft contact lens materials were polymacon (Optima 38), omafilcon A (Proclear Compatibles), phemfilcon A (DuraSoft 2), balafilcon A (PureVision), and etafilcon A (Acuvue) [2].
  • We measured the Dk (oxygen permeability) of one specific hydrogel contact lens material (phemfilcon A, nominally 38% water content and ionic) by use of the conventional single chamber polarographic technique at 35 degrees C. When corrected for the boundary and edge effect, Dk was found to be 13 x 10(-11) cm2 ml O2/s ml mm Hg [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Phemfilcon A


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