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Chemical Compound Review

Aniline Blue     4-[[4-[[4-[(4- sulfophenyl)amino]phenyl]- [4...

Synonyms: Methyl Blue, AG-K-58832, AC1L2HYA, AC1Q6WON, CTK5B3318, ...
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Disease relevance of AIDS-004417


High impact information on AIDS-004417

  • Aniline blue staining and immunolocalization studies showed that callose deposition and degradation at the fiber base correlates with the timing of plasmodesmata closure and reopening, respectively [2].
  • Aniline-blue-induced fluorescence was distributed over the entire cell walls from Ascomycetes, but was confined to sporangial walls of Zygomocetes, hyphal tips and a few other sites in Basidiomycetes, while no fluorescence was found with sporangia and rhizoids of Chytridiales [3].
  • Aniline blue staining as a marker of sperm chromatin defects associated with different semen characteristics discriminates between proven fertile and suspected infertile men [4].


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