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Chemical Compound Review

Azaadenine     (2S,3S,4S,5R)-2-(5-amino- 2,4,7,8,9...

Synonyms: AC1Q4XIB, AR-1F3310, NSC 146365, AC1L408U, 35827-89-5, ...
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High impact information on Azaadenine

  • Upon sporulation and tetrad analysis, azaadenine resistance (and APRT deficiency) segregated as expected for a single Mendelian gene [1].
  • Matings between totally deficient mutants and tester strain resulted in diploid heterozygotes that were sensitive to azaadenine [1].
  • Ade4-su, a prototrophic allele of ade4 with reduced activity of PRPPAT, is epistatic to hpt1, suppressing purine excretion and resistance to azaadenine but not resistance to azaguanine [2].
  • The spontaneous frequency of azaadenine-resistant phenotypes (mutant at the aprt locus) in 1% FBS plus BSA was significantly lower than the frequency observed in 2% FBS plus BSA or 10% DFBS [3].


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