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Gene Review

Mlvi4  -  Moloney-MuLV integration site 4

Mus musculus

Synonyms: Mlvi-4
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Disease relevance of Mlvi4


High impact information on Mlvi4

  • Evidence presented elsewhere shows that provirus integration in Mlvi-4 enhances the expression of c-myc and Mlvi-1 by cis-acting mechanisms operating over long distances of genomic DNA [2].
  • This suggests that Mlvi-4 may be expressed only in a subpopulation of T cells [2].
  • The Mlvi-4 gene is also expressed in normal thymus and spleen at very low levels, giving rise to 3- and 5.5-kilobase messages [2].

Other interactions of Mlvi4

  • In this manuscript, we show that provirus integration in the Mlvi-4 locus activates, by promoter insertion, one additional gene which maps immediately 3' to the cluster of the Mlvi-4 proviruses and which is transcribed in the same orientation as c-myc, giving rise to 3- and 10-kilobase mRNA transcripts [2].
  • Although Mlvi-4 is expressed in normal thymus, it is not expressed in Moloney murine leukemia virus-induced T-cell lymphomas corresponding to several stages of T-cell differentiation, but lacking a provirus in this locus [2].


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