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Gene Review

mes-3  -  Protein MES-3

Caenorhabditis elegans

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Disease relevance of mes-3


High impact information on mes-3

  • The correct distribution of MES-2 requires the wild-type functions of mes-3 and mes-6 [2].
  • We tested seven genes predicted to encode regulators of chromatin organization for RNAi-induced enhancement of mes-3 sterility and identified one enhancer, called set-2 after the SET domain encoded by the gene [1].
  • The distribution of MES-3 in the adult germline is regulated by the translational repressor GLD-1: MES-3 is absent from the region of the germline where GLD-1 is known to be present, MES-3 is overexpressed in the germline of gld-1 mutants, and GLD-1 specifically binds the mes-3 3' untranslated region (3' UTR) [3].
  • The few germ cells that appear healthy in mes-3 worms do not differentiate into gametes, even after elimination of the signaling pathway that normally maintains the undifferentiated population of germ cells [4].
  • Both mes-3 and the downstream gene in the operon encode novel proteins [4].

Biological context of mes-3


Anatomical context of mes-3

  • Phenotypic and molecular analysis of mes-3, a maternal-effect gene required for proliferation and viability of the germ line in C. elegans [4].


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