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Gene Review

ETFB  -  electron-transfer-flavoprotein, beta...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Beta-ETF, Electron transfer flavoprotein subunit beta, FP585, MADD
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High impact information on ETFB

  • Assignment of the gene encoding the beta-subunit of the electron-transfer flavoprotein (ETFB) to human chromosome 19q13.3 [1].
  • The majority of patients had mutations in the ETFA gene while only two of them harboured mutations in the ETFB gene [2].
  • In agreement with these findings, mutational analysis of the ETF/ETFDH genes demonstrated an ETFB missense mutation 124T>C in exon 2 leading to replacement of cysteine-42 with arginine (C42R), and a 604_606AAG deletion in exon 6 in the ETFB gene resulting in the deletion of lysine-202 (K202del) [3].
  • 4. The position of the LIM2 gene appears to be within 40 kb of the electron transport flavoprotein gene (ETFB) as a cosmid containing sequences from both genes has been identified [4].

Biological context of ETFB


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