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Gene Review

SPDVgp01  -  non-structural polyprotein

Salmon pancreas disease virus

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Disease relevance of SPDVgp01

  • Among animal virus members of this superfamily (the alphavirus and rubivirus genera of the family Togaviridae), the product of this ORF is a nonstructural polyprotein (NSP) that is cleaved by a papain-like cysteine protease (PCP) within the NSP [1].

High impact information on SPDVgp01

  • This sequence of delayed processing of P1234 would explain the accumulation of P123 plus nsP4, the early short-lived minus-strand replicase [2].
  • Besides initiating translation of the nonstructural polyprotein, RNA elements in the 5' 200 bases of the SIN genome RNA, or its complement at the 3' end of the negative-strand intermediate, play key roles in the synthesis of both negative- and positive-strand RNAs [3].
  • Two long open reading frames in the RNA encode a nonstructural polyprotein of 2411 amino acids and a structural polyprotein of 1239 amino acids, respectively [4].
  • Attempts to detect NSP expression and processing in HEV-infected primary monkey hepatocytes were not successful and therefore this proteolytic cleavage could not be authenticated [1].
  • N- and C-terminus-specific immunoprecipitation and deletion mutagenesis were used to determine that the order of these products within the NSP is NH2-78 kDa-107 kDa-COOH [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of SPDVgp01

  • However, site-specific mutagenesis of Cys483, predicted by computer alignment to be one member of the catalytic dyad of a PCP within the NSP, failed to abolish this cleavage [1].


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