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Gene Review

PLXND1  -  plexin D1

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KIAA0620, Plexin-D1
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Disease relevance of PLXND1

  • Importantly, we found PLXND1 expression also in a number of human brain tumors, both of primary and metastatic origin [1].
  • Via panning of a phage display library, we isolated two phages that carry single-domain antibodies with specific affinity towards a PLXND1-specific peptide [1].
  • We have performed an extensive mutation analysis on a recently identified positional candidate gene, PLEXIN-D1, for Möbius syndrome 2 mapping to chromosome 3q21-q22 [2].
  • Here we describe, using in situ hybridization, that endothelial plxnD1 expression is regained during tumor angiogenesis in a mouse model of brain metastasis [1].

High impact information on PLXND1


Biological context of PLXND1

  • We characterised the cDNA and predicted protein, and examined the expression pattern during mouse embryogenesis of a positional candidate gene, PLEXIN-D1 (PLXND1) [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of PLXND1


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