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Gene Review

RGL1  -  ral guanine nucleotide dissociation...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: KIAA0959, RGL, Ral guanine nucleotide dissociation stimulator-like 1, RalGDS-like 1
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High impact information on RGL1

  • These results clearly indicate that RID of RGL specifically binds to Ras in mammalian cells, that it blocks the signal from Ras to Raf-1, and that it reverses v-Ras-induced malignant phenotype [1].
  • Furthermore, this action of RGL to stimulate the GDP/GTP exchange of Ral was dependent on Ras in COS cells [2].
  • RGL stimulated the GDP/GTP exchange of Ral and this action was enhanced by the post-translational modification of Ral [2].
  • Transcript A, cloned from liver cDNA libraries has the same amino terminus as the mouse RGL, whereas transcript B cloned from brain has a substitution of 45 amino acids for the first nine amino acids [3].
  • Northern blot analysis shows that human RGL is expressed in a wide variety of tissues with strong expression being seen in the heart, brain, kidney, spleen and testis [3].

Biological context of RGL1

  • Through transgenic modification, we found that DELLA-less versions of GAI (gai) and RGL1 (rgl1) in a Populus tree have profound, dominant effects on phenotype, producing pleiotropic changes in morphology and metabolic profiles [4].

Associations of RGL1 with chemical compounds

  • In COS cells, RGL interacted with RasG12V/E37G (a Ras mutant in which Gly-12 and Glu-37 were changed to Val and Gly, respectively) which failed to bind to Raf, but not with RasG12V/T35S which bound to Raf [2].


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