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Gene Review

TMEM50A  -  transmembrane protein 50A

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: IFNRC, SMP1, Small membrane protein 1, Transmembrane protein 50A, UNQ386/PRO718
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High impact information on TMEM50A

  • The 3' ends of the genes faced each other and were separated by about 30 000 base pair (bp) that contained the SMP1 gene [1].
  • Small membrane ruffles were not associated with clathrin-coated vesicles [2].
  • Small membrane vesicles from swarmer cells contained [methyl-3H]MCPs both in the flagellated and non-flagellated vesicles, which indicates that the region immediately surrounding the flagellum, as well as the rest of the surface of the swarmer cell, contains [methyl-3H]MCP [3].
  • Small membrane-bound fragments of host cytosol created by dilating membranes also were present within the cisternae [4].
  • Evaluations of tissue distribution and subcellular localization of these genes indicate that the SMP1 orthologue has a ubiquitous tissue distribution and cytoplasmic localization, whereas AK003528 is expressed slightly higher in testis with a strong subcellular localization in the nucleus [5].

Biological context of TMEM50A

  • Recent finishing of human genome euchromatin sequencing confirmed the genomic organization of RH locus in which RHD and CE face each other at their 3' tails, and the gene SMP1 is interspersed between them [6].


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