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Gene Review

GABRB2  -  gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptor,...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: GABA(A) receptor subunit beta-2, Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit beta-2
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High impact information on GABRB2

  • Association of the GABRB2 1412T allele with alcohol dependence was detected in both populations (Finns, P = .01; Southwestern Native Americans, P = .008), and the GABRA6 1519T allele was associated in both Finns (P = .01) and Southwestern Native Americans (P = .03) [1].
  • The geno-PDT found significant genotypic association for HCV8262334 (in GABRA2), RS1912960 and RS2280073 (in GABRA4), and RS2617503 and RS12187676 (in GABRB2) [2].
  • Supportive evidence for association was also obtained for a previously reported GABRB2 risk haplotype [3].
  • Five SNPs in GABRB2, namely B2I7G1584T, rs1816071, rs194072, rs252944 and rs187269, were found to be significantly associated, and their haplotypes in linkage disequilibrium, with schizophrenia [4].
  • The present association study was designed to test whether EEG and ERPs are modulated by genetic variations of the human GABAA beta2 (GABRB2) and gamma2 (GABRG2) genes on chromosome 5q33 [5].

Biological context of GABRB2

  • The genotypes of three nucleotide substitution polymorphisms of the GABRA6, GABRB2, and GABRG2 genes were assessed in 349 German alcohol-dependent subjects and in 182 ethnically matched controls [6].
  • Recently, Lo et al. reported strong positive association between schizophrenia and GABRB2, demonstrated by single markers and haplotypes of five markers in introns of GABRB2, rs6556547, rs1816071, rs194072, rs252944, and rs187269 [7].
  • In this study, six SNPs in GABRB2 were genotyped for a case-control association study with the cycloid psychosis subtype of SCZ in the German population using two methods for SNP genotyping [8].
  • Mapping of the beta 2 subunit gene of the GABAA receptor (GABRB2) to human chromosome 5q34 using fluorescence in situ hybridization [9].

Other interactions of GABRB2

  • The order of the GABR subunit genes with respect to known anonymous gene loci is cen-D5S380 - D5S403 - D5S529 - GABRB2 - GABRA1/A6 - GABRG2-D 5S422-tel [10].
  • The genotypes of two nucleotide substitution polymorphisms of the GABRB2 and GABRG2 genes were assessed in 95 psychiatrically healthy subjects of German descent [5].


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